Roleplaying Rules

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Roleplaying Rules

Post by Gabriel Claymore on Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:47 pm

When in the heat of battle, it can be confusing as to how you can attack, well have no fear! This guide is here to help you out!

When you enter any kind of battle, first of all you display your health and SP beneath your post. For example:

Gabriel encounters a Skeleton

Health: 50

SP: 40

Whenever an action causes you damage or drains your SP, take away that amount.

NOW! Basic attacking guide. when you create your basic attack, your damage ratio is 1-10, depending on your dice roll. Throw your attack, then roll the dice. Depending on the outcome of the roll, your attack could be a critical hit, a regular hit, or a miserable failure, resulting in your character taking 5 damage to their health.

Using Abilities, Spells and Skills: fairly straightforward, this works exactly the same as your basic attack except the damage ratio is set when you create it, and before using your ability, subtract the necessary skill points to use it.
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